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  • 銷售條款



    § 1 General, Conclusion of Contract, Cancellation,Confidentiality

    1. All deliveries and services made by us shall be based exclusively upon these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which shall – lacking special agreement - also apply for future business relationships. Contrary conditions of the Purchaser or conditions differing from our General Terms and Conditions of Sale are not recognised by us unless we have explicitly agreed to their validity in writing. Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply even if we have unreservedly accepted the order being aware of contrary conditions of the Purchaser or conditions differing from our conditions.
    我方提供的所有交付貨物和服務均應排他地基于本通用銷售條 款及條件,在沒有特別約定的情況下,其也適用于未來的商業關 系。買方如果有相反條款或與我方通用銷售條款及條件不同的條 款,除非本公司書面明確承認其有效性,否則本公司不承認該等 條款及條件。我們的通用銷售條款和條件也同樣適用于:即使當 我們知道買方有相反的條款或者與我們的條款不同(除非我方書 面同意),我們已經毫無保留地接受了該訂單。

    2. A contract - lacking special agreement - will only be effected with countersigned by our side. Agreements by telephone or verbally and/or ad-justments of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale require our written confirmation. Also the abol-ishment of the written form requires the written form.
    在沒有特別約定的情況下,只有在得到我方書面回簽章時合同才 能生效。通過電話或口頭達成的協議和/或對本通用銷售條款與條 件的修改需要我們的書面確認。如廢除書面形式的要求,也需要 以書面形式做出。

    3. If the Purchaser rescinds a legally valid contract, we are entitled, according to Article 113 of the Contract Law of China, to claim the compensation including profit obtainable after the performance of the contract, less possibly saved expenses. We reserve the right to the assertion of further claims.
    如果買方解除合法有效的合同,我們有權根據中國合同法第113 條要求賠償,賠償額包含合同履行后可以獲得的利益,減去可能 節省的費用。我們保留提出進一步索賠的權利。

    4. We reserve the right of proprietorship and copyright as well as the right to register label rights or other rights of protection for samples, quotes, drawings and similar information of a tangible and intangible manner - also in electronic form; they shall not be disclosed to third parties nor made available in any other way. We are obligated to make any informationlabelled as confidential by the Purchaser, available to third parties only with the consent of the Purchaser. Third parties shall not include companies associated with us (including companies that control us, are controlled by us or jointly are controlled by the same entity with us).
    我們保留樣品、報價、圖紙及類似有形或無形形式(包括電子 形式)的信息的所有權、版權和注冊商標權或其他保護性的權 利;未經允許不得披露給第三方或以任何其他方式向第三方泄 露。對于買方標記為機密的信息,我方有義務只有在買方同意 的情況下才向第三方提供,第三方不包括我方的關聯公司(包 括控制我方的公司、被我方控制的公司或者與我方共同受控于 同一實體的公司)。

    § 2 Prices and Payments, Offsetting, Assignation

    1. The prices shall apply, lacking special agreement, EX WORKS (INCOTERMS 2000) including loading at the factory, but excluding packaging and unloading. Added to the prices shall be the applicable VAT. If we, as an exception, at the request of Purchaser arrange shipment by a transport agent despite an EX WORKS agreement, we only act in the name and on behalf of the Purchaser without bearing any responsibility for fault of the transport agent. If we, as an exception, take over the freight- and insurance costs, we are entitled to charge premiums in case of events such as force majeure (e.g. war risk, closure of shipping routes).
    在沒有特別約定的情況下,價格適用工廠交貨價(國際貿易術語解 釋通則2000),包括在工廠裝貨,但不包括包裝和卸貨。價格中應 加上適用的增值稅。例外情況下,盡管協議適用工廠交貨價,如 果我方應買方的要求,安排由運輸代理人裝運,我們僅以買方之 名并代表買方行事,對運輸代理人的過失不承擔任何責任。例外 情況下,如果我們要承擔運輸和保險,在發生例如不可抗力(如戰 爭風險、航線關閉)事件時,我們有權收取額外費用。

    2. Unless we explicitly offered fixed prices, prices agreed are based on the cost ratio at the time of order. If the delivery of the delivery item occurs more than 4 months after the order, and if the total amount regarding material, energy, procurement or other costs increases up to this day, we are entitled to charge reasonable premiums for the occurred total cost increases based on the original calculation.
    除非我方明確提供固定價格,雙方商定的價格均以訂單發生時的 成本比率為基礎。如果交付貨物時間在訂單達成后超過4 個月, 且截止到這一天相關材料、能源、采購或其他成本的總金發生增 加,我們權根據原始的計算,針對增加的全部費用,收取合理的 額外費用。

    3. Lacking special agreement, payment is due without any deduction to our account in the following manner:
    如無特別約定,付款將按照以下的方式到期,不得有任何扣除地 付至我方賬戶:

    a. All payments shall be made in advance prior to production or shipment,

    Our invoices are due and payable net within 30 calendar days from date of invoice. If the purchaser is in default with a payment, outstanding accounts shall instantly become due and further works regarding the delivery item shall only be conducted against prepayment. We reserve the right to further claims.
    我方的發票應在發票開出之日起30 個日歷日內到期并且付清。 如果買方拖欠貨款,未支付的款項應被視為立即到期,關于交 付貨物,我方進一步工作只能在預先收到款項的情況下進行。 我們保留進一步索賠的權利。

    4. The Purchaser only has the right to withhold payment or offset with counter claims if his counterclaims are uncontested or are established as legally valid. The Purchaser is only entitled to the assertion of payment- withholding rights based on counterclaims resulting from the same contract-relationship.
    只有買方的反訴無異議或者合法有效成立時,買方才有權從付 款中扣除或抵銷反訴。買方只有在反訴是基于相同的合同關系 的情況下,才有權主張扣除付款的權利。

    5. The right to decline cheques or bills of exchange shall remain reserved. In case of payment by cheque the payment obligation is only fulfilled when the counter value has been credited to our account.
    拒絕支票、匯票的權利應當被保留。在通過匯票付款的情況 下,只有在相應金額被存入我方賬戶后付款義務才履行完畢。

    6. If several claims exist against the Purchaser, the setting-off will occur at our discretion based on the criteria of due date, security, cumbrousness and age of the claims.
    如果針對買方存在多個索賠,則我方根據索賠的到期日期、擔 保、繁重程度、年限等因素判斷是否進行抵銷。

    7. In case of reasonable doubts concerning the solvency of the Purchaser, in particular but not limited to default in payment, we will - irrespective of other legal claims - only deliver against prepayment or collateral security. In this case any open cheques and/or other outstanding claims resulting from the delivery relationship with the Purchaser will become due and payable immediately.
    如果對買方的償付能力有合理的懷疑,特別是(但不限于)拖欠 付款,無論是否有其他法律索賠,我們將只考慮在貨款預付或抵 押擔保的情況下交付。在這種情況下,任何未支取的支票和/或其 他由于與買方的交付關系而產生未付債權將到期并立即支付。

    8. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed to in writing, credit notes and other rebates occur in any case without the acknowledgement of fault or legal obligation.
    除非另有明確的書面約定,只有法定義務或確認過失時才能發生 抵消或其他形式的扣款。

    9. We are entitled to assign the claims from our business connection. Assignation prohibitions or limitations are herewith vetoed.
    我們有權轉讓與我們業務有關的債權。轉讓禁令或限制在此被否 決。

    § 3 Term of Delivery and/or Performance, Delay, Force Majeure

    1. The term of delivery and/or performance shall be evident from the agreements of the contractual parties. The adherence by us is subject to all commercial and technical questions having been resolved between the contractual parties and that the Purchaser has fulfilled all his incumbent obligations such as for example official certificates or approvals, presentation of drawings/data or payments. If this is not the case, the delivery term shall be adequately extended. This shall not apply if we are responsible for the delay.
    交付和/或履行的期限應根據合同方簽訂的協議確認。我方守約的 前提是所有商務和技術問題已經被合同雙方解決,且買方也已履 行他的所有職責,例如,提供官方證書或批準,提供圖紙/數據或 付款。如果未能滿足這些條件,交貨期限會適當延長。但若由于 我方責任導致延誤,并不適用此條款。

    2. The adherence to the term of delivery and/or performance shall be subject to the correct and timely self-supply by the individual subsuppliers properly and duly appointed by us. We will inform of any impending delays as soon as possible and search for reasonable alternatives in close cooperation with the Purchaser.
    對交付和/或履行期限的遵守,需以我方合理且適當指定的次級 供應商能正確及時的交付自備貨物為前提。如即將發生任何延 誤,我們會盡快通知,并和買方緊密合作積極尋找合理的替代 商。

    3. The delivery term shall be deemed fulfilled once the delivery item has left our factory up to the time agreed or readiness for shipment has been announced. As far as an acceptance has to occur, the time of acceptance shall be relevant -except in case of justified acceptance refusal,alternately the notification of readiness to accept.
    自產品按照約定的日期出廠或者宣布準備發運時視為交貨完 成。若必須經過驗收,驗收之時應當是完成交貨之時,除非發 生合理的拒絕驗收,發出準備驗收通知視為愿意接受驗收。

    4. If the non-adherence of the term of delivery and/or performance is due to force majeure (including, but not limited to, general mobilisation, war, terrorism, riots, storm, fire, flood,earthquake, epidemics/ pande-mics,publi-c travel warnings), industrial action (lock-outs, Strikes or other concentrated actions of per-sonnel, either direct or indirect), disturbances of internal operations for which we are not responsible or other events which are outside of our reasonable scope of influence, the term of delivery and/or performance shall be extended adequately. We will inform the Purchaser of the beginning and end of such circumstances as soon as possible.
    如果未能遵守交付和/或履行期限是由于不可抗力(包括但不限于 一般動員、戰爭、恐怖主義、騷亂、風暴、火災、洪水、地 震、傳染病、公共交通警告)、工業行動(禁閉、人員的罷工或其 他直接或間接的集中行動)、非因我責任造成的對內部操作的干 擾及其他在我方合理影響范圍以外的其他事件造成,交貨期或/ 及履約將相應適當地延長。我方將在發生這種情形的期初及期 末盡快通知買方。

    5. The Purchaser may withdraw from the contract if the execution of a part of the delivery of an order becomes impossible and he has a justified interest in the refusal of the partial delivery.But the Purchaser has to pay the contract price equivalent to the partial delivery. This also applies in case of our inability. For the remainder § 8 of this General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply. If impossibility or inability occurs during the acceptance delay or if the Purchaser is solely or mainly responsible for these circumstances, he shall remain obligated to payment.
    倘若訂單的部分交貨無法履行并且買方有正當的利益理由拒絕 部分交貨,買方可以提出解除合同,但是買方必須支付部分交貨 對應的合同價款。這也適用于我們無力履行的情況。其余情況 下,適用本通用銷售條款及條件第8 條。如果在驗收延遲期間 發生了履行不能或無力履行的情況,或者買方是單獨或主要對 這些情況負有責任的,其仍有付款義務。

    6. If the Purchaser, after the due date, sets an adequate time limit for us for the performance of the deliveries/service - under consideration of the legal exceptions - and this term is not adhered to, the Purchaser shall be entitled to withdraw in the context of the legal regulations. He shall be obligated to declare in an appropriate timeframe upon our request, whether he is exercising his right of withdrawal.
    如果基于法定的例外情形,買方在到期日之后為我方設定了合 理的履行期限,并且該期限沒有被遵守,買方有權在法律規定 的范圍內解除合同。無論買方是否正在行使解除權,應我方要 求買方應有義務聲明適當的時間表。

    Further claims resulting from delay in delivery shall be exclusively determined in accordance with § 8 of this General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
    因延遲交貨而引起的進一步索賠應唯一地按照本通用銷售條款 及條件第8 條確定。

    § 4 Transfer of Risk, Acceptance, Delay, Part- and Over-Deliveries

    1. The risk shall be transferred to the Purchaser when the delivery item has left the factory, even in case of part deliveries or if we have taken on other services, i.e. delivery costs or supply and assembly. In as far as acceptance has to occur in our factory, this shall be relevant for the transfer of risk. Acceptance has to be exercised immediately at the date of ac-ceptance, alternately upon our notification regarding readiness to accept.
    即使是部分交付或我們承擔了其他服務,如承擔交付成本或供應 和裝配,風險也應在交付貨物離開工廠后轉移給買方。只要在我 們工廠進行驗收,風險即轉移。驗收必須在驗收日立即進行,或 在我方通知準備驗收之日進行。

    2. If an acceptance has to take place, nature, scope and conditions have to be agreed on until conclusion of contract. If Purchaser requests us to perform the required examination, he has to inform us in advance and bear any costs resulting from this. The Purchaser may not refuse acceptance in case of a non-significant defect.
    如果必須進行驗收,在訂立合同前,必須就驗收的性質、范圍和 條件達成協議。如果買方要求我們進行其要求的檢查,他必須提 前通知我們并承擔由此產生的任何費用。買方不得在非重大缺陷 的情況下拒絕驗收。

    3. If shipment and/or acceptance is delayed or omitted due to circumstances, for which we are not responsible, risk shall be transferred to Purchaser from the date of notification of readiness for shipment and/or acceptance. We are obligated, at the request and expense of the Purchaser, to take out an insurance against fire. The Purchaser is at liberty to take out additional insurance himself.
    如果裝運和/或驗收由于非我方責任的情況而延遲或遺漏,風險應 自裝運和/或驗收準備就緒通知之日起轉移給買方。在買方要求并 承擔費用的情況下,我們有義務為火災投保。買方可以自行購買 額外保險。

    4. Acceptance shall be deemed effected if Purchaser does not accept the delivery item (or parts thereof) despite acceptance duty within a reasonable period of time set by us. If shipment and/or acceptance of the delivery item is delayed due to reasons, for which the Purchaser is responsible (delay of acceptance), he will be charged, irrespective of other legal claims, commencing 14 calendar days from the notification of shipment and/or readiness to accept all (storage-) expenses incurred due to the delay. Unless the Purchaser can demonstrate a lower damage or no damage at all, these amount to at least 0.5% of the invoice amount for the non-accepted delivery item for each month thereof, however a maximum of 5% of the individual invoice amount. We reserve the right of claiming higher (storage-) expense by providing evidences.
    如果買方在我方設定的合理期限內,沒有履行驗收責任接受交付 貨物(或部分),則驗收被視為已經完成。如果交貨和(或)接受交 貨由于買方原因(驗收延遲)造成延遲,除了其他合法索賠,買 方將在收到裝運通知或準備驗收通知14 個日歷天后開始被收取 因延誤而產生的一切(倉儲)費用。除非買方可以證明較低的損失 或根本沒有損失,這些費用至少每月是不接受的交付貨物的發票 金額的0.5%,最高金額為每張發票金額的5%。我們保留通過提 供證據主張更高費用如倉儲費的權利。

    5. Part deliveries are admissible as far as reasonable for the Purchaser. Technical deviations of ordered amounts are admissible up to +/-10%, unless this is unreasonable. Deviations concerning dimensions, weight or quality shall be allowed when customary in trade or according to applicable standards. Our calculation shall be decisive.
    在對買方合理的情況下,部分交貨是可以被允許的。訂單金額的 技術偏差允許達到+/-10%,除非這是不合理的。當貿易慣例或符 合適用標準時,應允許尺寸、重量或質量上的偏差。我們的計算 將是決定性的。

    § 5 Reservation of Title, National Security Rights

    1. We retain ownership on the delivery item up to the fulfilment of all current and future claims also for possible owing ancillary services arising from the business relationship with the Purchaser.
    我們保留對交付貨物的所有權,直到因與買方的業務關系產生所 有當前和未來債權都得到履行——同樣適用于可能的附加服務。

    2. If the Purchaser processes the delivery item prior to the complete payment with other products which do not belong to us, we are owed the ownership on the new product in the ratio of the value of the reserved goods to the other processed goods at the time of pro-cessing, without us incurring obligations hereto.
    如果買方在完成付款之前把交付貨物與不屬于我方的產品一起 處理,我們對新產品享有所有權,所有權份額按照所有權保留的 貨物與其他被加工的貨物在加工時的價值之比確定,并且不會對 我方產生任何義務。

    3. The Purchaser has to treat the delivery item with care and, if necessary, maintain it. The purchaser is obligated to insure the delivery item against theft, fire, water and other usual damages at his expense up to the complete payment of our outstanding claim. If the Purchaser does not provide sufficient proof hereof, we are entitled to insure the delivery item at the expense of the Purchaser.
    買方必須小心對待交付的貨物,并在必要時予以維護。買方有義 務為交付的貨物投保偷竊、火災、水和其他常見損失險,費用由 其自行承擔,直到付清我們的未清償債權為止。如果買方就此沒 有提供足夠的證明,我們有權為交付的貨物購買保險,費用由買 方承擔。

    4. In case of conduct contrary to the contract by the Purchaser, especially default of payment, we are entitled to the retraction of the delivery item following a reminder and the Purchaser is obligated to surrender the deliver item. If the Purchaser ceases payments or if insolvency or extrajudicial settlement proceedings are applied for, we are entitled to withdraw from the contract and demand immediate return of the delivery item. The right of retention shall be excluded.
    如果買方有違反合同的行為,特別是拖欠付款,我們有權在發出 提示后取回交付的貨物,買方有義務交出交付的貨物。如果買方 停止付款或進入破產或庭外和解程序,我方有解除合同并要求立 即歸還交付的貨物。留置權應當被排除。

    5. Prior to the complete payment of our outstanding claims the Purchaser may only on-sell and otherwise neither pledge or assign as security the delivery item in the context of proper business operations under reservation of title. In case of distraint as well as confiscation or other official direction by third parties, the Purchaser has to notify us without undue delay. We are also to be informed immediately regarding legal or actual access to the reserved goods by third parties as well as damage or loss.
    在我方未清償債權被付清之前,買方只能在正常的商業運營范圍 內銷售交付貨物,不能對所有權保留貨物設定抵押或擔保??垩?、 沒收或者由第三方發出的其他正式指示,買方必須及時通知我方。 第三方對所有權保留貨物的法律或事實上的主張和損失應當立 即通知我方。

    6. If permitted by law, the Purchaser assigns to us in advance all claims with regard to the reserved goods from on-selling or other legal grounds due to the Purchaser. If the reserved goods are sold with other products not belonging to us or become the subject of contract work, the assignation only applies in the amount of the invoice value of the reserved goods. The Purchaser is authorised to collect the assigned claims from on-selling until revocation. In the presence of an important reason, especially default of payment, cessation of payment, commence-ment of insolvency proceedings or justified indications for an excessive indebtedness or impending illiquidity of the Purchaser, we are entitled to withdraw the authorisation to collect. On demand the Purchaser has to notice the debtor of the creditor of the assignation.
    如果法律允許,買方提前將因轉售或其他法律原因導致的與所有 權保留貨物有關的所有債權轉讓給我們。如果所有權保留的貨物 與不屬于我們的其他產品一起銷售或成為合同工作的標的,則轉 讓僅適用于所有權保留貨物的發票金額。買方有權就轉讓的因轉 售產生的債權收取款項,直至被撤銷。如有重要原因,特別是拖 欠付款、停止付款、啟動破產程序或買方負債過重或即將出現流 動性不足的合理跡象,我們有權撤回收取款項的授權。一經要求, 買方必須將轉讓的債權人通知債務人。

    7. As far as the value of the securities exceeds our claims by more than 15%, we will release securities at our discretion at the Purchaser’s request.
    如果擔保價值超過我們債權的15%,我們將根據買方要求酌情處 理予以釋放擔保。

    8. As far as the effective protection requires a registration (of our rights or of a security right) or the like according to applicable local regulations at the point of destination of the delivery item, it shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser to determine the legal situation and to notify us accordingly and - in coordination with us - at his expense effect a registration in our favour or take other required steps. If the reservation of title is illegal per se at the point of destination, the Purchaser will, at his expense, procure security rights according to the applicable law.
    只要有效的保護需要登記(我們的權利或擔保權利)或根據交貨目 的地適用的類似規定,買方有責任決定其法律狀態并據此通知我 們,與我方協調完成有利于我方的登記或采取其他必要步驟,費 用由其自行承擔。如果所有權的保留在交貨地是非法的,買方將 自費根據適用的法律實現擔保權利。

    § 6 Warranty Claims in case of Quality Defects

    1. We are liable for quality defects of the delivery under exclusion of further claims- subject to § 8 of this agreement- as follows:
    我們對交付貨物的質量缺陷的承擔責任,按照如下條款確定(受 本協議第8 條規定的約束):

    2. Requirement for any warranty claims by the Purchaser shall be his proper fulfilment of all due inspections and requirement to give notice of defects without delay. Independent of the legally prescribed immed-iate checking and requirement to give notice, claims due to obvious quality defects of the delivery item may not be asserted in any case after 2 weeks from receipt of the delivery item. Transport damages are to be noted on the delivery note and must be confirmed by the driver via his signature.
    買方的任何保修索賠要求其正確履行及時檢查并及時通知缺陷。 不受法定立即檢查并給予通知的要求的影響,在收到交付貨物兩 周后,不得對交付貨物明顯的質量缺陷進行索賠。運輸損壞情況 應在送貨單上注明并須經司機簽字確認。

    3. In case of delivery according to sample, pattern and/or construction specifications by the Purchaser, warranty claims shall be excluded also in case of concealed defects if the delivery item complies with the sample, pattern and/or construction specifications. If the defect is due to materials supplied by the Purchaser himself, all claims shall be excluded.
    如果根據買方的樣品、圖樣和/或施工規范交貨,在交付的貨物均 符合樣品、圖樣和/或施工規范的情況下,不得針對隱藏缺陷提出 保修索賠。如果缺陷由于買方自己提供的材料造成,所有索賠均 被排除。

    4. According to our discretion, all those parts have to be repaired or to be replaced free of charge, which have been proven defective due to circumstances occurring prior to the transfer of risk. We have to be notified of the detection of such defects without delay. Replaced parts shall become our property. If we repair or deliver in the context of a warranty claim, it triggers a new begin of the period of limitation only in respect of the new delivery and/or rectification in case of significant rectification of defect and with the explicit written acknowledgement of a new start of the period of limitation.
    根據我們的判斷若證明部件因風險轉移之前的因素造成瑕疵, 所有這些部件應當被免費修理或更換。發現這類缺陷的通知必 須毫不延遲地通知我們。被更換的部件將成為我們的財產。如 果我們在保修范圍內維修或交付貨物,只在交付新的貨物的情 況下和對重大缺陷進行糾正的情況下重新開始計算期限,同時 需要獲得對重新起算期限的明確書面確認。

    5. Quality defects in case of software deliveries shall only exist if these a) are reproducible by the Purchaser on the contractually agreed hardware, b) do not just represent insignificant deviations from the respective documentation and c) do not just insignificantly affect the usage.
    軟件交付中的質量缺陷只有在以下情況下才會存在:a)缺陷在合 同約定的硬件上可以被買方復制,b)質量缺陷不僅僅只代表對各 個文檔的無關緊要的偏離和c)質量缺陷顯著地影響使用。

    6. In case of defect remedy we are obligated to bear all expenses necessary for the defect remedy as far as they are not disprop-ortionately increased due to the delivery item being brought to a place different from the contractually agreed place of delivery. Following a threetime unsuccessful remedy of defect, the Purchaser shall be allowed to withdraw from the individual single order or reduce the purchase price.
    在缺陷補救的情況下,我們有義務承擔補救措施的所有必要的費 用,只要他們不是由于交付貨物被帶到與合同約定的交貨地點不 同的地點造成費用過度的增加。若經過三次補救仍不能彌補缺陷, 買方應被允許解除該筆訂單或降低采購價格。

    7. The Purchaser has to provide the necessary time and opportunity for our undertaking of the defect remedy and/or the replacement deliveries after coordination with us; otherwise we are exempt for any consequences arising thereof. The Purchaser has the right to remedy the defect himself or cause the remedy to be effected by a third party at commercially reasonable (third-party) prices and request reimbursement from us regarding the necessary expenses only in urgent cases of danger to the operational safety and/or avoidance of disproportionately large damage, whereby we have to be notified immediately under all circumstances. If the Purchaser or a third party improperly remedies the defect, we are exempt from liability for the resulting consequences. This also applies for alterations to the delivery item without our prior consent.
    買方必須在與我方協調后,為我方提供必要的時間和機會進行缺 陷補救和/或替換交付;否則我方對所引致的任何后果均不承擔責 任。為了操作安全和/或避免過度的巨大損失,只有在緊急情況下 買方有權自行補救缺陷或委托第三方以商業上合理的價格實施 補救措施,并要求我們對必要的費用進行報銷,在這種情況下必 須立即通知我們。如果買方或第三方不恰當地補救該缺陷,我們 將對由此產生的后果不承擔責任。這也適用于對未經我們事先同 意交貨變更。

    8. No warranty and/or liability shall be accepted, in particular - but not limited to - in the following cases: Unsuitable or improper storage or usage, faulty assembly and/or start-up by the Purchaser or third party, natural wear and tear or deterioration, construction in accordance with samples approved by the Purchaser, faulty material and/or tools provided by the Purchaser, faulty or negligible treatment, deviations from operation manuals and operation instructions and/or therein described environmental factors, improper maintenance, unsuitable operating facilities, faulty construction works, unsuitable build-ing foundation,chemical/electro chemical/ electric /cl-imatic influences - unless we are responsible for them.
    在以下情況下質保和/或責任不被接受,特別是(但不限于):不合 適或不適當的存儲或使用,買方或第三方造成的錯誤的組裝和/或 啟動,自然磨損或變質,根據買方批準的樣品實施的建造、買方 提供的有缺陷的材料和/或工具,錯誤或疏忽的處理,偏離操作手 冊和操作指示和/或其中描述的環境因素、不當維護、不適當的運 行設施、錯誤的施工工作、不適當的建筑地基、化學/電化學/電 力/氣候影響,除非我們對此負責。

    § 7 Warranty Claims in case of Defect of Title

    1. If the usage of the delivery item leads to the infringement of industrial property rights or copyrights in China, we will, at our discretion and at our expense, on principle procure the Purchaser’s right for further usage or modify the delivery item reasonable for the Purchaser in a way that the industrial property rights infringement no longer exists. If this is not possible at economically appropriate conditions or in an adequate timeframe, we as well as the Purchaser are entitled to withdraw from the contract.
    如因使用交付貨物導致侵犯中國的工業產權或版權,我們會在原 則上確保買方有權繼續使用貨物或對交付的貨物進行合理的修 改以使工業產權侵權不復存在,我方有權決定如何行動,且費用 由我方承擔。如果在經濟上適當的條件下或在適當的時間范圍內 不可能實現,我們以及買方均有權解除合同。

    2. Our above-mentioned obligations are-subject to § 8 - final in case of industrial property rights or copyrights infringement. They only exist if
    在侵犯工業產權或版權的情況下,我們的上述義務是不可更改的, 但仍受本協議第8 條限制。我方上述義務只有在以下情況時出現:

    a. the Purchaser has notified us without delay regarding applied industrial property rights or copy- rights infringement,

    b. the Purchaser supports us in the defence against the applied claims to an adequate extent and/or allows us the execution of the modification measures according to § 7 Nr. 1 of this agreement,
    買方在適當范圍內支持我們對侵權索賠進行抗辯,和/或允許我們 根據本協議第7 條第1 項進行修改;

    c. the right to all defence measures (including extrajudicial regulations) is not limited by actions or omissions of the Purchaser,
    實施所有抗辯措施(包括法庭之外的方式)的權利不受買方的行為 或不作為的限制;

    d. the defect of title is not based on circumstances relating to the Purchaser (i.e. parameter of technical specifications, provision of material, samples and software), and
    權利的瑕疵并不基于與買方有關的情況(例如技術規格參數、材料 的提供、樣品和軟件);和

    e. the legal infringement was not caused by the Purchaser arbitrarily altering the delivery item or he has used it in a non-contractual manner.
    該法律侵權不是由于買方擅自更改交付貨物或者以非合同規定 的方式使用貨物造成的。

    3. If we are to deliver according to drawings, models, samples, software or under usage of parts provided by the Purchaser, the Puchaser shall be responsible that the copyright or other industrial property rights of third parties are not hereby infringed. The Purchaser has to inform us of all third-party rights. The Purchaser has to exempt us from all third party claims in this regard as well as all related damages (incl. expenses for bringing an action).
    如果我們是根據買方提供的圖紙,模型,樣品,軟件或使用買方 部件來交付貨物,買方應負責保證不會因此侵犯第三方的版權或 其他工業產權。買方必須告知我們所有第三方權利。買方必須確保我們免除所有第三方在這方面的索賠以及所有相關損失(包括 訴訟成本)。

    § 8 Liability, Exclusion of Liability

    1. We shall only be liable for damages occurring within the limitation period according to § 9 which did not occur on the delivery item itself (especially for indirect damages and consequential damages), regardless of the legal ground. Such liabilities shall be limited to one of the following circumstances:
    若損害并沒有發生在交付貨物本身上(特別是間接損害和附帶性 的損害),無論法律依據如何,我們只對根據第9 條確定的限制 期限內發生的損害承擔責任。我方這種責任僅限于下列情形之一:

    a, in case of intent,

    b, in case of gross negligence of the owner/the manag-ement body or executive employees,
    c, in case of culpable violation of life, body, health,
    d, in case of maliciously concealed quality defects,
    e, in the context of a guaranty,

    f, in case of defects of the delivery item, as far as we are liable according to the law, for damage to persons and private property.
    根據法律我方應當承擔產品責任的情況下,交付貨物的缺陷造成 人員和私有財產的損害。

    2. In case of culpable violation of significant contractual duties, the fulfilment of which principally allows the proper execution of the contract according to its content and purpose and in the adherence to which the Purchaser may generally trust (so-called cardinal obligation), we are liable also in case of gross negligence of non-executive employees and in case of slight negligence, in the latter case limited to the reasonably foreseeable damage typical for the contract.
    重大合同義務/基本義務是指該義務的履行會導致合同根據其內 容和目的得到適當履行,并且買方通??赡軙湃卧摰攘x務會得 到遵守。若發生對重大合同義務的應受譴責的違反,在非執行人 員重大過失和輕微過失的情況下我方也應當承擔責任,在后一種 情況下責任僅限于針對該合同合理預見的典型損害范圍之內。

    3. Further claims shall be fully excluded.

    4. As far as our liability is excluded or limited, this also applies for personal liability of our employees, wage earners, personnel, repres-entatives and vicarious agents.
    只要我們的責任被排除或限制,這也適用于我們的員工、雇員、 人員、代表及代理的個人責任。

    § 9 Period of Limitation

    All claims by the Purchaser - for whatever legal grounds - expire within 12 months from the date of receipt and/or acceptance of the delivery item. The legal terms shall apply for compensation claims according to § 8 Nr. 1 a-d and f of this agreement. They shall also apply for quality defects of a building or for deliver items, which have been used in accordance with their usual manner of usage for a building and which have caused its faultiness.
    買方提出的所有索賠,無論出于何種法律基礎,均在接收和/或接 受交貨項目的日期后12 個月內提出。若依據本合同第8 條第1 款a-d 和f 項提出賠償請求,應當適用法定的期限。法定期限同 樣適用于建筑物或者交付貨物的質量缺陷,前提是建筑物已經按 照建筑物通常的使用方法進行使用,通常的使用方法造成建筑物 的缺陷。

    § 10 Usage of Software

    1. As far as the delivery contains software, the Purch-aser is granted a non-exclusive right to use the delivered software including its documentation. The software is only entrusted to him for the usage on the respective delivery item. The usage of the software on more than one system is prohibited.
    如果交付貨物包含軟件,買方被授予非獨家的權利使用交付的軟 件,包括其文檔。本軟件僅授權給買方在各個交付貨物上使用。 禁止在多個系統上使用本軟件。

    2.Without our explicit prior written permission, the Purchaser can not duplicate, adapt, translate or compile it from the object code to the source code.
    未經我方明確的事先書面同意,買方不得復制、改編、翻譯代碼 或將目標代碼向源代碼進行反向編譯。

    3. All other rights regarding the software and the documentation, including the copies, shall remain with us and/or the software supplier. The awarding of sub-licenses is prohibited.
    關于軟件和文檔(包括副本)的所有其他權利,均應由我們和/或 軟件供應商保留。禁止授權再許可。

    §11 Export and Customs Regulations

    1. In relationships crossing national bounda-ries the conclusion of contracts and its fulfilment shall be subject to the (timely) granting of a possibly necessary approval by the competent authorities and subject to the absence of embargos and/or other sanctions.
    在跨國關系中,雙方應履行審查的職責,保證合同的訂立和履行 應(及時)獲得有管轄權的政府機構的許可,并且應當不受禁運和/ 或其他制裁措施的限制。

    2. The Purchaser shall be obligated to provide us without delay with all information and documentation which we request for export approval. Delays caused by export checks or licensing procedures shall override any lead times or deadlines stipulated. If any required licenses for certain items cannot be obtained, the contract shall be considered as not concluded regarding the items in question; because of this and of above-mentioned transgression of deadlines, any claims for damages shall be excluded.
    買方有義務及時向我方提供我方要求的所有信息和文件,以獲得 出口批準。因出口檢查或許可程序造成延誤的,規定的交貨期或 最后期限應當順延。如果有任何必要的許可證不能取得的,就有 問題的貨物部分,視為合同未訂立;由于這一點和上述對最后期 限的違反,任何損害賠償的要求均被排除。

    §12 Data Protection

    The Purchaser agrees that his data may be used by us and other companies associated with us (as defined in §1 Nr.4 of this agreement) for the fulfilment of the contract (including but not limited to checking and execution of the order, checking of credit-worthiness, passing on to third parties for the purpose of corporate financing and the debtor management).
    買方同意他的數據可能被我們和我方其他關聯公司(定義見本協 議第1 條第4 款)用于履行合同(包括但不限于訂單的審核和執 行、信用審核、為公司融資和債務人管理的目的而轉移給第三方)。

    § 13 Choice of Law, Jurisdiction/Arbitration, Place of Execution

    1. The agreement between the Purchasers and us and any matters related to this agreement shall be governed, construed and interpreted by, through and under the laws of the People's Republic of China.
    買方與我方之間的協議及與協議有關的任何事項均應由中國法 律管轄及解釋。

    2. In case of any disputes arising from the interpretation, performance, dissolution or termination of the agreement between the Purchasers and us, either party shall have the right to submit the dispute to China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) Shanghai Sub-Commission for arbitration which shall be conducted in accordance with the CIETAC's arbitration rules in effect at the time of applying for arbitration. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.
    因在解釋、履行、解除或終止供應商和我方協議過程中所產生的, 或與該協議有關的任何爭議,任何一方有權將爭議提交中國國際 經濟貿易仲裁委員會上海分會,按照仲裁申請時中國國際經濟貿 易仲裁委員會現行有效的仲裁規則進行仲裁。仲裁裁決是終局的, 對雙方均有約束力。

    3. If one of the provisions of this General Terms and Conditions of Sale should be or become void or ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected hereof.
    如果本通用銷售條款和條件的任何一項規定應該或將要無效,其 余條款的效力不受影響。

    4. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and Chinese Version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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